Private readings, whether you are looking for guidance or hope for contact with someone you love, are available. 


  I will not fill your head with ego driven nonsense, generalisations or untruths.


 Over thirty five years experience guarantees a connection that uplifts you 

and brings a powerful peace of mind and a way forward.    


  Anything less is not my thing.

Please note:

Due to the Pandemic private appointments in person are not available. 

However, all is not lost, you are welcome to book a reading to be done by telephone,

messenger or in a zoom meeting online.


You can see me for a private reading at any Psychic Supper or Vintage Tea when we are back to normal life.

Book a normal price ticket then approach me at the venue where a £10 premium can be paid for your reading.


    You will find all the details of our tremendously popular Psychic Suppers,

Haunted History Tours, Bygone Brothel Tours and Testimonials within the pages of this site.


 Thank you for visiting.

Satnav for your Soul

Out Now...


Satnav For Your Soul is an enlightening, touching and, at times, humorous book which offers unique first hand accounts from people who have already passed from this life.


Their wonderful perspectives on

love, life and their deaths will, as they intended, remove the fear of death for those of us yet to make that journey.

Haunted & Hidden History Tours


Evening walking tours of towns and villages in North Devon sharing true tales of the local murders, the ghosts who still haunt buildings in the town and land.

Workhouse tales, prisons, enterprising working girls and even more you didn't know you wanted to know...

Private tours & talks can be arranged.

Twelve different tours to choose from and more to come...


Satnav stories and Keeping it real


These unique and very powerful

guided meditations 

will impact in the most positive

way on your consciousness.


Satnav stories from my book kindly given a voice by students of mine


My 'Keeping it real' short recordings of advice from 35 years as a medium.


Join us and Join In...

If you want to learn how to develop psychic and mediumistic abilities, fancy joining me on a Haunted History Tour, Bygone Brothel tour or a Psychic Supper then you are very welcome to check out all the details in the following pages...

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