Hello and welcome to my world, 


My truth is that I feel, hear and often see 'deceased' people. I have done so since I was around 11, and this is as much a part of my life as breathing or sleeping and is, in my opinion, perfectly normal.


My life has also been saved on several occasions by hearing a voice so I figured anything or anyone who went to the trouble to save me from myself or others has got to be good and that is enough for me.


I offer guidance to help you with problems you are facing and, if you wish, enable you to have contact with people you love who are no longer physically here.

I believe in helping people, free of pretentious nonsense. I will not use five long words when three short ones will do. I will not patronize (I hate that)... what I will do is help you toward finding peace of mind and a way forward. The responsibility is then yours to make that effort.





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