Satnav for your Soul

Guidance From Those Who Have Made The Ultimate Journey

  • Have you ever wondered what happens when you die?

  • Do you really see all the people you love who have gone before?

  • What happens to bad people when they die?

  • Does someone you love come for you to show you the way?


You'll find all the answers to these quiet fears and more in this book, given with love and compassion by real people who have already made the ultimate journey and wished to come back to help remove the fear of death for those of us still in a physical body.


When Mark first came to 'talk' to me, I was quietly reading a book about death, when I became aware of a male presence in the room with me.

"Can I tell you what it was like for me?" he asked.

"What what was like?" I replied.

"My death," he said. "Can I tell you what my death was like for me?"


I picked up a pen and paper and the first of these unique monologues was written. So far to date, over one hundred people in spirit have told me in their own words what their death was like for them: some were loquacious, some halting and brief, but all had one thing in common... they came to help remove the fear of death for someone else. It was an honour they should do so.


In the recounting of their stories, the many different characters and their personalities come shining through; some stories are very moving, others engage you with their wit and hunour. All are thought provoking, ultimately enlightening and will touch your life, your thoughts, your heart, where you need it most.


All that is asked of you is that you read with an open mind, the truth will do the rest.


Satnav for your Soul - A gift for yourself, for family, friends and especially for those who have known or are experiencing grief


Available in Hardback, Paperback or for Kindle