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I started The English Psychic Company in 2001, teaching the development of psychic and mediumship ability. This is natural human ability, an extension of your intuition or intuitive consciousness, as its known. There is nothing alarming about being psychic or mediumistic; it is as natural to me as breathing and because I had seen so many being taught and believing in aspects that I knew, from experience, not to be true or even morally sound, I decided, after some pressure from friends, to teach people myself. As I would want to be taught.


There is so much to being what I call 'more awake in the world'. Development is as much about empathy and compassion as it is learning how to interpret information that is coming into your mind. To be a really good medium you have to care, I mean really care for other people, not just pay lip service in order to make a few bucks. That is not what true mediumship is about. It is a calling, a yearning, to make a difference to the pain, confusion and loneliness in this world.


I am an entirely self taught medium, I know what works and what doesn't, I can't abide pretentious nonsense or people who use what scant ability they have to scare other people in exchange for their money and an over inflated sense of their own ego. Sadly there are a good many of those about but equally so there are some lovely people out there striving to make a difference in the world.


Being a medium is not something people generally choose to do, rather its an ability that is latent within them and then when sufficient life experience has been garnered they often feel an irresistable pull to the subject and start looking around for a teacher. I was a terribly shy child who saw and heard 'dead people' and if anyone had told me back then that I would be passing on messages from these people, finding lost items for others, helping to solve crime, doing battle on behalf of a hundred people with a couple of vindictive vicars, or teaching others how to communicate with people no longer in physical form, I would have thought they were nuts. Yet here I am, having done all that and much more. And I can tell you this, I'm not shy anymore which is just as well considering some of the situations spirit people have got me into and out of.


Thats the key you see, spirit people are just that, people, not entities, ghouls, spectres or any other name the less well informed give them. They are people, with their character and personality traits still firmly in place and I believe very stongly in treating them with the same respect I would someone still in physical form.


Classes are amazing in several ways, everyone there is relieved they're not the only one experiencing things or feel drawn to discovering whether they can develop physical or mental mediumship or a greater understanding of Healing in its many forms, friendships are also made because everyone is of a like mind and that is so important. I do not tolerate 'cliquey' behaviour in classes, we are not back at school. Everyone is equal and everyone is supportive of each other.


I strongly believe in team work and those who have been learning with me for some time now also work with me at various Psychic Suppers I host in North Devon these evenings are immensely popular and consist of private readings and a two course meal in local restaurants, the atmosphere is fantastic because a whole restaurant full of people are engaging with us and each other.


In the right atmosphere magic happens. Further details of events can be found within the site.


In the meantime, if you would like to know more about classes and feel you would like to explore the limitless possibilities of your own mind then, by all means, contact me and, depending upon your needs and location, I will be happy to give you more details of the options available to you.

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