Private Consultations with Susan

A good reading is all about bringing comfort and guidance, when you visit me that, to the best of my ability, is what you will receive.

Sometimes we all need some help to get back on the right track. Those who love us often wish to come through to do just that and will talk about things personal to you and them so you know for certain they are coming through, when they make the effort to communicate it is a testament to how loved you are.


If you are looking for guidance with specific life decisions, wondering where you're going, or simply wish to be a little better informed as to your immediate or long term future then a reading can help.


If you are at fault and need telling to pull your finger out then I will do that too. I don't believe in feeding you platitudes to calm you then allow you to walk out and still make the same errors of judgement that got you in a mess in the first place.

If you want or need help, I will endeavour to do exactly that in my usual straight talking style and you will go away uplifted and empowered to start making better choices. The responsibility is then yours to do so.
All readings, all connections with spirit, with a divine consciousness, are expressions of love. 


All consultations are kept in the strictest confidence.  A half hour appointment £45. 


Private, daytime, appointments are fully booked for 2020 You can book to see me, in private, at any Psychic Supper event. Details of venues are within these pages or evening group appointments are available. Thank you.

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