My Inspiration

This page is to tell you a little about what inspires me. 


A beautiful day in the Devon countryside can quicken my heartbeat and inspire me to go walking more

often. We can all be inspired but how often do we actually follow through on that inspiration?

If we look back through our lives we can see that many people have crossed our path that tried to help us,

inspire us, but in our young, often bloody minded way, we haven't listened.

It is only later, when we look back that we can see it would have been a good idea to have listened or at least looked interested.


Many of us can look back and see where a parent has done whatever it took to put food on the table, where someone we love has overcome odds that were stacked against them... this is true inspiration. When we are touched by the selfless actions of someone we look up to then, and only then, can we be inspired to do the same. The personal connection has enormous power. The pictures above are two people who inspire me to be the best I can be. 


We have great thinkers, orators, leaders and artists in the ether and no doubt, from time to time, a great many of us have been inspired by their actions or quotes attributed to them. For instance, one of my favourite quotes comes from the great war time leader Winston Churchill....  "If you're going through hell.... keep going."


I like this so much I have it as a sticker on my fridge. It reminds me of my grandfather, Tom, another great man who always inspired me never to give up on myself or my dreams because we always, no matter what, will win through in the end.


He was a bit like Winston Churchill too, in that he didn't allow anyone to sway him from a decision he felt was right. He was trusting his intuition long before I was born and this saved his life during the second world war even though he was badly injured and had to learn to walk and to write all over again and many years later when he had a severe stroke, he was told he would never recover enough to walk again. He went through hell and kept going, so much so that he walked again and drove again, through his sheer tenacity he was restored to his family for more years than the medical profession gave him. He told me he 'knew' he would walk again if he put the effort in and kept going...for me, there is no greater example of inspiration than him.


I loved him dearly and twenty nine years later, I miss him still. although around ten years ago I saw him in my lounge but that's another story...


When I was thought to be dying in childbirth with my first child, my husband was sent out of the room, the medical people were running around plugging me into machines trying not to look worried.


I knew something was going wrong, I didn't need to be psychic to know from the tension in the room that all was not well. I remember being worried and I know I had started to go into shock, I couldn't control my body which was shaking enough to make an impressive dent on a richter scale when over my head, in place of the huge lamp that was there, I saw my great grandmothers face.


Now I appreciate that would be enough to alarm most people, especially as those you love come to collect you when you die, but I was transfixed and watched as other people's faces appeared, I didn't recognise the others but I 'knew' they were family and in that room amidst the frantic activity I heard my great grandmother say 'Susan, listen to me, both of you will live' one by one the faces above me smiled at me and then faded away.


Twenty years after her death my gran came back to put my mind at rest. That is love. And that is why I do readings for people who need the same peace of mind. In my experience, it doesn't matter whether someone died twenty years ago or last month, if they can come through to help you they will. Love makes it all possible. Just love. Of course if you have been a complete idiot and need a bit of a telling off a loved one will do that as they would have in life. that too is an expression of love because they cared enough to put you straight.

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