Haunted History Tours

   People and the nitty gritty of their past experiences,

behaviour and choices are endlessly fascinating.

    I share with you the history of the often grubby, depraved,

sometimes hilarious, criminal and always true, social underbelly of old Barum and other towns and villages local to North Devon.


 True tales of ghostly experiences local people have had in various buildings,

the history of the building, who was murdered or died there and how and why.

   The stories and characters I tell you about are fascinating and will give you 

a new perspective on the streets you walk along or buildings you work in or visit very day. 

These are real people who lived, loved and died, many have no headstone so it is hoped they are remembered here.


None more so than North Devons prostitutes, women with no other means of survival than their wits and willingness to allow strangers access to their vulvas. Their enterprising antics, heartbreak and sheer tenacity to annoy authority and live life their way never ceases to amaze me.      In the Bygone Brothel tours we remember every one of them. Viva la Vulva!


There are Four Barnstaple Haunted History Tours to choose from, each one a different route.

Tours of others towns include, Westward Ho! Torrington, South Molton, Instow, Bideford Rail & River and Bideford Town.

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Barnstaple | Haunted History Tours

Thursday evenings



Town Tour 30th January.  River, Park and Prison 19th March.  Derby area and Workhouse 9th April. 


Rail and River Taw 23rd April.   Town Tour 30th April.  River, Park and Prison 11th June.


Derby area and Workhouse 18th June.    Rail and River Taw 9th July.


Town Tour 23rd July.  River, park and Prison 30th July.   Derby area and Workhouse 6th Aug


Rail and River Taw. 20th Aug.   


Town Tour 22nd Oct 7pm.  River, Park and Prison 29th Oct 7pm


Tickets £12 

The Plough Arts Centre 01805 624624 


or online from www.theploughartscentre.org.uk


Tours start and end at St Anne's Chapel, Barnstaple

Bygone Brothel Tours

viva la vulva!


 Illuminating stories of the money making and personal histories of Barnstaple's past working girls.

Where the Brothels were, why they chose this life. How they devised their own contraception and their ribald antics. All the stories are true and are told with sympathy for their plight as well as humour in their ingenuity.  Please be aware that some details are gritty to say the least.


13th Feb.  28th May.  16th July.  27th Aug.  1st oct. 7pm and 8.45pm. 19th Nov 7pm & 8.45pm

Tickets £12. 

01805 624624


or online from www.theploughartscentre.org.uk

Tours start and end at St Anne's Chapel, Barnstaple


A Walking tour of Old Bideford sharing with you, fascinating and true stories

of the ghosts seen and felt here, the murders, crimes and characters of Victorian Bideford


Rail & River 7th Feb.  Town tour 6th March.  Rail & River 3rd April.


Town tour 1st May, 19th June.   Rail & River 10th July.


Town tour 31st July, 28th Aug.   Rail & River 11th Sept.  



Tickets £12 


01805 624624 or online www.theploughartscentre.org.uk

South Molton | Haunted History Tours

with Sue Pengelly  27th Feb. 22nd April. 17th June. 19th Aug. 2nd Sept. 


Ghostwalks start and end at The George Hotel Broad Street, South Molton


Tickets £12.00 01805 624622


Torrington | Witchy and Weird

A halloween walk along the old railway line hearing strange, funny and ghostly stories of the past.

8pm (please bring a torch, it is pitch black down there)

Tickets 12.00 Includes refreshments 01805 624624

Instow Haunted History Tours

with Sue Pengelly

26th March. 7th May. 2nd July. 13th Aug.  7.30-9.30pm

Meeting at the old Railway Signal box near the Yacht Club.

Tickets 10.00 01805 624624 or www.theploughartscentre.org.uk

Lynton | Witchy and Weird

with Clare Hartgen

A walking tour of Old Lynton sharing with you the true stories of Victorian Murder, witches, criminals and ghosts.


7pm and 8.45pm

Tickets £12.  www.theploughartscentre.org.uk

Private Tours can be Arranged

With Sue Pengelly

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